What People say about Fabienne

Fabienne is a True Entrepreneur on Fire!

"Fabienne has always invested in herself to stay at the top of her game, and has been bringing value bombs to her community for years! She's truly an Entrepreneur on Fire!"

John Lee Dumas

Founder and host of Entrepreneur on Fire

"Fabienne is Authentic."

Fabienne is so authentic, it's disarming. The Orange Hat audience is still talking about her presentation an year after the event.

Ivelin Demirov

Founder of the Orange Hat Summit

Fabienne is a Go-Getter!

"Fabienne is a go-getter! So proud of her!"

Jon Morrow

CEO and Founder of Smart Blogger

"I'd highly recommend her for your next workshop or keynote."

Fabienne presented at The Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference and boy did she deliver!  From the reviews and from the tweets that came direct from her session, you could see the engagement she got from her audience.  She was also a pleasure to work with before and after the event.  I'd highly recommend her for your next workshop or keynote.

Rich Brooks

Founder of The Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference

Fabienne is about giving the highest and best service to get her clients results

"I've known Fabienne for over 7 years and my impression of this amazing woman is that she is about giving the highest and best service she can to get  her clients  results. 

Fabienne's talents  include helping people grow their  business; and one of her skills is asking you the right questions to lead you to make the best decisions for you and your business."

Lee Milteer

Business and Life Strategist

"Her talk was mentioned to us many times after the presentation."

Fabienne was very timely before her presentation with deadlines and most importantly delivered a fantastic presentation to our audience.  Her talk was mentioned to us many times after the conference and we wouldn't hesitate to invite Fabienne again.

Izabela Russel

Founder of New Media Europe

Who is Fabienne Raphaël?

Fabienne Raphaël is a business building coach, speaker and podcaster.  

With her one on one coaching, mastermind group and retreats, she helps undervalued employees and former elite athletes become highly paid experts and live their purpose.

Her background in radio and television hosting allowed her to conduct unique interviews on her top ranked Marketing to Crush your Competitors podcast, where she has broadcasted 300 episodes. Through the course of her career, she has even hosted her own TV show.

Fabienne has also shared the stage with John Lee Dumas, Chris Brogan and Sue Zimmerman, and spoke at the last New Media Europe conference in London.

She has been featured in Forbes, ABC, FOX, CBS, Inc. and Huffington Post and has appeared on over 30 podcasts, such as CopyChief Radio and Entrepreneur on Fire.

As a former elite athlete and physical therapist, Fabienne brings a high level of energy, radiance and authenticity to lead her clients to a thriving business that meets their expectations.

Last but not least, Fabienne was an athletes' mentor with the Canadian delegation at the 2019 Pan-American Games in Lima, Peru.

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A True Mindset Shift!

“Without Fabienne I would not be as far along on my journey from Corporate America employee to independent entrepreneur as I am.

Her steadfastness, patience and insight were invaluable.  And participating in her Mastermind was mind set shifting!

If you are looking to start any business, especially one that involves knowledge brokering or coaching, I would strongly recommend Fabienne!”

Steve Adolt

Business Process Expert

Fabienne is the Welcome Signal you are looking for.

"Most so called experts like to talk first and listen second.  Fabienne, on the other hand, listens first and then makes suggestions on how you can improve your situation.  From our interactions, I noticed that she was always eager to know what was going on in my business life before coming up with solutions.  In a world where there is so much noise, Fabienne is the welcome signal you are looking for."

Seshu Badrinath

Photographer, Editor and Publisher

Fabienne forced me to grow.

"Working with Fabienne is like turning on my night light.  I was in the dark about the whole business thing, and she lighted up my vision and my path.  Her step-by-step instructions are what I needed.  She pushed me out of my comfort zone for me to grow and see higher and further."

Elsei Yeh-Arling


Getting the Focus that I Need

"I have learned through working with Fabienne that the key to my success is just simple, straight focus on the top actions that propel progress. I now will always recommend to anyone interested in starting a business to start by employing a person who will keep them thinking in the right direction. An effective business coach will turn all the noise down around you and help think through what exactly it is you need to focus on. Thank you for doing that so that I can think through what is best for ME and MY business!"

Jessica Dela Rosa

Healthcare Leader

Fabienne is a great coach and mentor.

"Fabienne is a great coach and mentor. She's always kicking my ass in each and every session to get better - I love it! She's extremely helpful in pointing out what's working well and what needs adjusting so that I do get the results I'm after. She's also excellent at responding to my questions and concerns in between sessions. She's like my own personal cheerleader who's sometimes happier about my wins then I am!"

Paula Borowska

Designer and Brand Strategist

Fabienne is a godsend.

"Fabienne showed me how to leverage my success to get media exposure and expanding my lead pool.  Fabienne is a godsend.  I constantly refer my own clients to her content and groups because of her insight and her proven track record of getting me and others results.  She doesn't pay me to do this or give me any reward, she's just that damn good."

Candice Thomas

Intuitive Coach

Fabienne has the tools and resources you need at every stage.

“Instead of having an expert cram theories and "tips" down your throat, Fabienne helps you arrive at a decision only you are able to manage.

If you want accountability and coaching instead of a prescriptive method of communication, work with Fabienne. She knows that not all businesses are the same, and she has the tools and resources you need at every stage. Also, I had my first paying premium client a few weeks after masterminding with her.

Margaret Olat

Content Strategist and Founder of Potter and Inc.

Getting Rid of the Overwhelm

"Fabienne, is my breath of fresh air, and voice of reasoning when things seem overwhelming in the business world. She has helped me find the special ingredients that make me and what I do unique. I wanted to invest in the success of my business, and therefore understood that I needed someone who knows what it takes to be a business owner, and that someone is Fabienne."

Barbra Bonsu

Founder of Housecall Practitioner Services

I earned the same money as in my day job in half the time.

"What separates Fabienne from other coaches is that she always keeps her authenticity and is at the level of service, and that allows me to stay authentic.  I had other coaches who would push me without considering my struggles - and that kept me stuck.  Fabienne has the excitement of a coach.

With her help,  I was able to earn the same amount of money as in my day job in half the time with my business."

Cable Jones

Heal Coach

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